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Best pokerplayer of all time???

Poker is a game of intense strategy. It is all about a players ability to read an opponent, their capacity to stay calm when there is pressure and their power to manipulate their opponents. The debate over who the greatest poker players of all time are will go on forever but there are a few forgotten legends that should unarguably be on the list.

Stu (The Kid) Ungar

The kid was undoubtedly a true prodigy in the poker world. Although he passed away at the young age of 45, he managed to have many successes in his short career. He won his first WSOP at the first Texas hold’em tournament he ever played and defended this title the following year. This led to instant celebrity status and resulted in 15 years of self-indulgence, cocaine addiction and many bankruptcies.

Th greatest moment of his career was in 1997 when he won $1m in the WSOP main event after he borrowed $10 000 for the buy-in when there were only seconds left in the registration period.

His unpredictable, extremely aggressive style was years before it’s time and earned him great success. Whenever he had a chip lead he would dominate the table outsmart the other players with his pure genius intelligence.

Doyle Brunson

The grandfather of poker is a legend in his own right. Although his earnings are modest compared to other poker professionals, he is known for his charming manner and willingness to share his significant skill with younger players.

When he started his career that spanned over 50 years, the poker industry was very different than what it is today. Players didn’t make millions in tournaments and the only events where good money could be made, were organised by gangsters. Brunson admitted that there were many occasions in his early career where a gun was pulled on him.

The former headmaster wrote a book ”Super System” that defined the thought processes that drive the successful poker player’s decisions. This earned him many admirers. The poker legend is tied with Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey for the second most WSOP bracelets.

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