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ClassicPoker Makes a Comeback


classic-pokerHundreds of thousands of seriously dedicated poker players used to enjoy the superb action at the online ClassicPoker card room for many years. The world financial crisis put a big ‘spanner in the works’ for online poker as players reined in their poker activity extensively. Classicpoker suffered a big set back but has come back in a big way in an advisory capacity rather than as an online card room. It’s a great place to go for good information when you are looking for an excellent online poker room for your regular poker play. ClassicPoker offers objective and unbiased recommendations about the best poker rooms around. It also has some interesting articles about the latest poker bonus offers, live poker tournaments and online tournaments where huge prize funds are up for grabs.

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ClassicPoker Does the Leg Work

The team at ClassicPoker have taken the time to look very closely at the top card rooms on the web paying special attention to the small print in particular.  A large number of card rooms offer new players spectacular welcome bonuses and plenty of promises about future rewards. The trouble can be that those bonuses are just about impossible to get as the wagering requirements are absolutely ridiculous. It can happen that new players would need to sit at the poker tables day and night for months to cover the bonus requirements. ClassicPoker takes a very close look at the terms and conditions behind the poker bonuses and poker specials sifting out the really good stuff from the not so good offers. Everybody loves freebies and at ClassicPoker you get to know which freebies are truly worth going for and which are not worth the paper they are written on. What could be more gratifying than knowing where to go immediately for the best poker offers?

Learn Poker Rules and Various Poker Game Formats

Playing poker well and sustainably requires some good ground work in advance of hitting the poker tables. At ClassicPoker you can read up on the poker rules and refer to a glossary of poker terms. Playing online poker requires players to understand the jargon used in the chat shared by all participating players and there’s no time to check out terminology when you are in the middle of a cash game or tournament.

Poker is very much a game of skill so why not improve your skills by taking on board the free advice given at the various card rooms? ClassicPoker recommends PokerStars as the number one online card room and at PokerStars you have a free poker school for players at all levels of skill put together by poker pros. Study the poker tutorials which are really well prepared and make sure that you start out on your poker career with the plenty of tips and professional advice to guide you. Playing poker should be fun as well as rewarding and the team at ClassicPoker understands this all to well. Try out PokerStars where the welcome bonus is a generous $600 and is very easy to actually get credited to your account!

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Unbeatable VIP Scheme Running at PokerStars

PokerStars-BonusWith 50 million members signed up to the biggest and most exciting online card room PokerStars, it is a big deal when the VIP Club which is open to every player who wagers real money in the poker games and in tourneys has a massive promo. The VIP Club is renowned with all the players as running a great reward scheme which really does give its members their just rewards for every dollar contributed in cash ring games and to buy into the thrilling poker tournaments which are actually starting every second of the day, the whole year round. The club gives plenty of interesting benefits according to the number of VPPS and FPPs that you accumulate through your level of play and it is totally in your own hands as to whether you want to head for the very top of the VIP Club fast or take it easy and get there at a slower pace.

Shop Until You Drop With FPPs

The VIP Club has a great online store which has massive sales from time to time so stay alert to the special offer as you will find very attractive items on ‘sale’ for FPPs. There are luxury cars, motorbikes, electronic gadgets, cool items of clothing and a variety of poker related articles for you to enjoy or to give as gifts to your friends and family.

From time to time you will see that there are Happy Hours scheduled in the card room where you can earn many more VPPs and FPPs than usual so make sure that you always check out the promos and get everything that is offered by PokerStars to its customers. Register a new account today using our link below and include the bonuscode PSP5957 and get a welcome bonus of up to $600.

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Register With PokerStars and Make Your Career

PokerStars-BonusPokerStars has been instrumental in shaping the destiny of many thousands of people who became poker players after the card room was launched in 2001. The World Series of Poker live event that was hosted by PokerStars in Las Vegas in 2003 saw an accountant who played poker for fun qualifying online for the WSOP through a satellite seat that cost him a total of $38 actually go on to win the prestigious competition amassing several million dollars of prize money. The aptly named Chris Moneymaker became a professional poker player at PokerStars and had the dramatic effect of attracting a huge number of people to the card room in hope of replicating his success that was seen as nothing short of miraculous.

Look For Live Events Near You!

The number of live events at PokerStars has reached phenomenal figures with the locations selected carefully ensuring that they are appealing and glamorous. There are tournaments on every continent ensuring that players can access the venue and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from playing with people who speak similar languages and share cultural interests and similarities.

PokerStars features on all the social media sites where it encourages players to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and whatever else comes up with the rapidly evolving technology that is being experienced through the internet. The forums and blogs are up to date with plenty of lively discussion and comments on the forums pertaining to events at PokerStars and individual players who show superb skill. Register a new account today using our link below and include the bonuscode PSP5957 to get your sign up bonus of up to $600.

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Fulfill Your PokerStars Dream in the Sunday Million

PokerStars-BonusSundays are a day to look forward to at PokerStars as they are potentially even more rewarding than a whole bunch of birthdays. The Sunday Million tournament is the highlight of the tournament week and it attracts the crème de la crème of poker players from all four corners of the globe to battle for the fabulous prize money which can change lives and also the kudos that comes with winning or just being on the final table of the Sunday million tournament. The buy in of $215 is very low when you consider the fact that the winner gets at least $150,000 and often a lot more as the participation level is extraordinarily high. The 1 million dollars is guaranteed by PokerStars itself which means that it can never drop below that amount no matter what.

Win Your Seat With Passion and a Few Bucks

The great news is that as with all of the fabulous tournaments hosted by PokerStars, there are satellite tournaments running throughout the week leading up to the $1million Sunday tournament so you have a very good chance of winning a free seat to the tournament. There is no limit to how often you win your free seat so with practice and cool nerves you can finally make it big even if it’s tough at first. Never forget that the big players got to where they are with dedication and skill that was honed over a period of time at PokerStars which encourages all players at whatever level they happen to be to head for the top without fear. Register your new account today at PokerStars using our link below and include the bonuscode PSP5957 to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.

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Superb Loyalty Program at PokerStars

pokerstars-online-pokerEvery new player who becomes a member of the PokerStars card room is included on the VIP Program as soon as he or she spends real money on poker tournaments and ring games. The VIP Club is a marvelous scheme which is designed to give loyal players added value from their poker play no matter how large the stakes or how big the buy in. Players who have small bank rolls are as welcome on the scheme as the high rollers and everybody benefits from the fabulous selection of gadgets and cash rewards that they can have for free in exchange for Frequent Player Points from the VIP Club store.

Enter Online Tourneys for Free

A very good way to maximize the value of your FPPs is to exchange them for tokens to enter online tournaments where there are superb guaranteed prize pools divided between the winning players. Entry to high profile tourneys can be quite expensive so what better way to ‘spend’ your FPPs than to enter tournaments where you gain experience and have a fabulous opportunity each time of walking away with a lot of money and the feeling of satisfaction from having proven yourself against other players in the huge PokerStars community.

When you play with real money at PokerStars you earn VIP Points or VPPs which determine your status in the scheme. The higher your position in the program, the more FPPs you get for every dollar of cash that you pay in tournament fees and contribute in rake at the cash tables. Register a new account today using our link below and include the bonuscode PSP5957 to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of $600.

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Check Out the Outstanding Daily Bigs at PokerStars

PokerStars is the most incredible card room online and not only is it the biggest from the point of view of the amount of registered customer but also because of the size of its guaranteed prizes in the massive number of poker tournaments held daily. The ‘Daily Bigs’ tournaments are scheduled within minutes of each other from 1am Eastern Time to 20.30 Eastern Time. It is important that every player notes the time difference of where he or she lives so as not to log onto the scheduled tournament too late.

There are tournaments with very low buy-ins such as $2.20 and the most expensive one is the Big $109 with a guaranteed prize pool of $80,000. If you have a limited bank roll but dream of competing in the most lucrative tourneys then you simply need to sign up and play in the daily satellite tourneys leading up to the event that you have earmarked. Satellites are a fantastic way to earn a place in a fantastically expensive online tournament or to win a seat to a live event anywhere in the world.

Win Your Free Seat at an International Live Event

PokerStars sends thousands of players to unbelievably exciting live events throughout the year and due to the excitement generated by the obvious success of the competitors sent by PokerStars, the uptake of satellite tourneys is stronger than ever. As more players participate in qualifiers, more all-inclusive packages can be offered for free as there is more cash coming in from the qualifier participants. Many of the satellite route winners have gone on to become world poker stars in their own right and some are now part of the intrepid professional group of Team PokerStars. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below and the bonus code PSP5957 to ensure that you get your welcome bonus of up to $600.

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PartyPoker is Both Fun and Rewarding

PartyPoker is a very player friendly online card room where a lot is offered to make playing in the card room a sustainable and long term prospect rather than a quick flash in the pan. For a start, all players are invited to click on the ‘How To Play’ tab which is right at the top of the home page and is the location at PartyPoker where you can profit greatly from the broad selection of very well formatted free lessons on offer. Learning to play poker correctly is similar to having good driving lessons rather than learning from a friend who can miss out a lot of crucial steps needed to be a really good driver. Skilled poker players have far more lucrative entertainment than players who just stumble along so check out the lessons and get it right from the very beginning.

Start at the Very Beginning and Work Up

You can begin right at the start learning to play the classic world favorite of poker games ‘Texas Hold’Em’ under the section ‘New To The Game’ and once you have mastered the basics, you move on to the section where you are taught to ‘Raise Your Game’. Here you are tutored in how to use specific tactics where you will get a lot more from your game both satisfaction wise and through increasing your potential winnings.

Once you are feeling confident and ready to advance to the highest echelons of poker play you can learn about how to ‘Master The Game’ going on to join the players who are really making big money at the tables and establishing a fabulous reputation in many instances. Register a new account today at PartyPoker using our link below and include the bonus code RIDER500 to get your welcome bonus of up to $500.

Play Poker at PartyPoker. Tons of games!

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Exchange You FPPs for Great Rewards at PokerStars

At PokerStars every cash game and tournament earns you Frequent Player Points and it automatically makes you a member of the fabulous VIP Club which is a truly phenomenal club to belong to. This represents pure added value to every player who wagers real money at the tables and even if you play with very low stakes, you are still earning FPPs linked to the amount of rake that you contribute to the pot at a ring game with each hand and to the amount of buy in fee that you pay to enter even the smallest tournament.

It may take a little longer to accumulate your FPPs but whatever you manage to put together in your points account, is still worth a lot when you check out everything that you can do with them at the PokerStars store and for buying into tournaments which are exclusively scheduled for the VIP players, making the field smaller. Every single day of the week sees plenty of VIP tourneys kicking off for whatever VIP level you happen to be in the VIP scheme.

Enter VIP Tournaments Daily with a Few Points

As you accumulate points you advance in the program earning even more rewards and enjoying a higher level of exclusivity from your PokerStars team. You can buy into the daily tournaments for as little as 10 Frequent Player Points where at least $500 is guaranteed to be in the prizepool so try to get your share from that marvelous opportunity and hone your tournament skills along the way. Register a new account today at Pokerstars using our link below and the bonus code PSP5957 and you will be greeting with a very warm welcome of up to $600 matching your initial deposit by 100%.

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Fantastic Poker Community Benefits at Bwin Poker

Players who make up the Bwin Poker community are enjoying a whole package of benefits that impact positively their daily entertainment enormously. Every day players are invited to play in freeroll tournaments which run twice daily ensuring that those people who don’t have time for the first tourney can make it for the second one. $1,000 is up for grabs every day in guaranteed prize funds and spread around 400 players each time making it an idyllic way to bolster your wallet and gain plenty of playing experience. Tournament play is unlike ring game play so it is well worth learning to master the way tournaments work by entering as many as possible when you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Become an Expert Poker Player for Free

The poker school that is offered for free by Bwin is set up in a very professional manner and really does teach you how to play from the very first steps to the most advanced strategies that are used by the advanced players. The graphics are outstanding and you cannot fail to feel very impressed by the way the lessons are given by placing you at the virtual poker table with other players around you and explaining exactly how the whole game unfolds.

You start out by learning to play the most popular poker variant in the world which is Texas Hold’em and you can choose to learn other games too, but it is advisable to stick with the first game until you are competent before moving on. You are also invited to learn how to calculate the poker odds in order to be able to make a solid judgment about the strength of your hand on every occasion. Register a new account today at Bwin Poker using our link below and you will receive a welcome bonus of up to $500 to start you off in style.

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Innovative New Web Cashier at PokerStars

PokerStars is always one step ahead of the competition in just about everything it offers its customers and now it has introduced the ‘Web Cashier’ which allows players to deposit funds to their PokerStars account using their internet enabled mobile devices whether Android or iOS devices. There are currently 4 ways of depositing your money and these are Neteller, Visa, Mastercard and Ukash but look out for the addition of more deposit methods as the system has yet to be finalized.

Safe, Secure and Simple

The withdrawal of funds using mobile devices has not been included to date on the ‘Web Cashier’ but it can be expected sometime soon. You can rest assured that customer data and all financial transactions are carefully protected by PokerStars through the use of the latest technology so you are able to download the free poker software and the mobile apps with complete peace of mind.

Millions of people are registered with the biggest and most renowned card room on the planet, PokerStars and the wellbeing of those customers is the top priority with the innovative online card room that totally focuses on poker and no other form of gambling. The reward scheme is the best there is in an online card room with an innovative and highly lucrative VIP Club giving customers outstanding opportunities to exchange their frequent player points automatically earned by playing in cash games and tournaments, for quality items of a diverse nature.

You can ‘buy’ electronic gadgets and branded apparel as well as tournament entry tokens and cash bonuses in the exciting online VIP store at PokerStars. Register a new account today using our link below and include the bonuscode PSP5957 to be sure of receiving your match deposit welcome bonus of up to $600.

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